Batch-mode statistical summary


The Statistical information of the current analysis is displayed in the Statistics configuration tab and can also be exported via the Export Data menu.

With the statistical summary tool (accessible via the menu BatchStatistical summary), you may compute the statistics for multiple measurements on disk, without loading them into an analysis session in Shape-Out:

  1. Select the filter settings to use. At the time of this writing, only the filter settings of a measurement in the current session can be used.
  2. Click Browse to select an input folder that contains RT-DC measurement data. This folder will be recursively searched for measurements (*.tdms and *.rtdc files). The number of measurements found is then shown in the dropdown box below.
  3. If applicable, select the flow rate and the chip region for which you need the statistics summary.
  4. Select the features for which to compute the statistics and the statistical parameters to extract.
  5. Click Browse at the bottom to select the output file and click on Assemble statistical summary to start the computation.

Note that depending on the number of measurements and on the data type (*.rtdc data is loaded faster than *.tdms data), the computation may take some time.